St. Teresa's Catholic Church- Iglesia de Santa Teresa de Avila
421 Edgewood Lane                                229.439.2302
Albany, GA                                                          

We gather to celebrate the Eucharist.  We are a thankful people.
We gather to remember we are a part of so much more than the here and now.
We are the People of God and we have a story to embrace, to proclaim,and to celebrate!

We will gather on June 14; we will gather to embrace a special moment of time.
We gather to add to our memory, twenty-five years of one pastor whose voice led us in prayer;
whose vision led us to serve beyond any of our expectations;
and whose vigilance leads us to God's eternal love and forgiveness.

Many have already sent in memories as photos, letters and stories.
We will share them here; on June 14 at the reception; and in a Book of Memories.

As God has blessed us with our pastor, Father Finbarr P. Stanton for these 25 years,
may God also bless Father Stanton.
May God bless him for his 47 years as a priest.
May God bless him for his 25 years here with us.
May God bless us all, as we remember; we share; and we celebrate!